Fortnight (USA only)

About this Program

Duration: 15 days

Ages: 16-18

2020 Fortnight will be hosted by the Washington DC Chapter.

Are you ready for a new kind of CISV program?

CISV USA is introducing Fortnight, a new and exciting CISV experience for youth age 16 to 18.

Fortnight is an engaging two-week domestic summer program that will be affordable and a whole bunch of fun.

In addition to content that will explore many new topics, such as what it means to be a U.S. citizen, cultural awareness, and American cultural history and diversity, the camp will also focus on community service. In a recent poll of members of the CISV Junior Branch, 90% responded they would like to see a large community service component as well as educational content and CISV workshopping (not to mention good food!).

Is your child taking part in Fortnight?

With over 60 years experience of organizing camp-based program for children and teenagers, you can be assured of the highest level of supervision and safety for your child. Read more about your child and CISV.

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