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CISV programs are for all ages. Our original and unique Village program for 11-year-olds is a great introduction to the fun, friendship and educational experience that CISV offers. But even if you're older than 11, it's never to late to get involved in the fun, friendship and educational experience. 

Every October, the DC Chapter releases the international programs for the following year. 

Seminar Camp [Age: 17-18]

This personally challenging, intensive program is coordinated by the young participants themselves. They develop their own agenda and explore global issues based on their backgrounds and interests, through activities and in-depth discussions.


How To Apply

While based on the same educational principles as CISV’s camp-based programs, Interchange encourages a deeper encounter between two cultures by placing young people within families.

Youth Meeting [Age: 12-19+]

Youth Meetings bring small groups of young people, of similar ages together from different countries within a region...


How To Get Involved

CISV's Step Up programme encourages young people to take a leading role in planning and organizing activities. The participants and their adult leaders use CISV's peace education to guide the theme of the camp...

International People's Project [Age: 19+]

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